How to Catch a Cheating Wife

When your gut tells you something is wrong with your marriage, chances are it’s because it is. Subtle sign displayed by your wife can act as clues, like changes in her perfume, spending extra time at work or at a girlfriend’s, or just generally being jumpy and secretive around you. So, if you want to catch her at her lowest, use these tips and tricks to expose her shameful deed:


Use phones and tablets to spy on her: A phone is the window to a woman’s soul. It contains all her shameful and best kept secrets. If you manage to get into her phone there must be clues you can gather to prove her infidelity. Even if she deletes contacts and conversations from her phone something will give her away.


Check with her best friend: A Woman shares everything with her best friend and your wife’s friend too must be in on the secret if your wife is indeed being unfaithful. If you can have a private conversation with her where you can cross-check your wife’s actions, chances are you can catch one of your partner’s one too many lies.


Use a tracking system: Tracking is the easiest way to catch your wife while she is in action. It can be done via phone tracker systems which most phones consist of these days or by a GPS system which you can install to her car. It might seem like a little over the top but it is a necessary step if you want to expose her.


Catching an unfaithful wife is way harder than nabbing a husband simply because women are better at hiding things. So if you really want to bust her, you should be ready to take things up a notch. Use these sneaky little ways to find out if you are just being jealous and over imaginative or if she indeed is cheating on you.


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